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About Our Company

Though all of our wedding photographers have always appreciated art, they don’t have some nostalgic story about being passionate about pictures since the wee age of 6. Most did however love photography since they could remember. We think that’s where much of our love for design and attention to detail has come from. As far as picture making goes, a few of our photographers didn’t discover their love for photography until planning their own wedding and realizing the power and importance of great photography.

At Eugene Wedding Photographer have a professional photography team and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We have been doing this for several years now and have photographed weddings in many of our states as well as out of the country! We’re passionate about love, marriage, and cherish what we do. We are so thankful for the opportunity to document each couple, each wedding, each family, it means we’ve been able to be constantly surrounded by precious moments and meaningful relationships. It’s always a great reminder that it’s the moments, not things that move us. It’s those moments that are worth remembering.

We want to hear all about you and what you want for your beautiful wedding day! Please contact us if you have any questions, want to see if we’re available for your date, or just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you.

It is the art of detail, being candid, and evoking emotion in all of our wedding photographs. Let us make your wedding day a day to cherish and remember through our professional Eugene wedding photographers!

Why Choose Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer

We want to state the facts on why you would want to choose Eugene Oregon Wedding Photography for your special wedding day!

  • Online proofing at no additional charge.
  • Flexibility of online album design.
  • Freedom of online ordering.
  • Various styles and sizes of wedding albums.
  • Your choice of photographer, style, and coverage.
  • Opportunity to meet with your photographer prior to wedding.
  • Studio and location sittings for bridal and engagement sessions included.
  • Complete photo coverage, not limited to any particular number of shots.
  • Black and white or sepia prints at no additional charge.
  • Up to date digital photography equipment.
  • Unlimited photo requests.
  • Studio owned and operated, with a full time staff of wedding experts.
  • Full time dedicated support staff experienced and trained to help with wedding photography coordination.
  • Professional lab, designed for professional photographers, for all the processing and proofing from the wedding.
  • Set price and list of what you get prior to the wedding.
  • Same-day viewing and ordering from engagement and bridal sessions.
  • Completed color corrected professional prints.

This is just a few of what we have to offer you and your loved ones on your wedding day!

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