Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Are you planning to settle down with your special someone in Oregon? Or are you involved in planning a wedding which is coming soon? If so, then you will want an expert Eugene Oregon photographer for this special event to capture the smiles, tears of joy and all the laughter of everyone in this very memorable occasion. This is something you should never forget to immortalize this once in a lifetime experience.

My mission is to make unique and one of a kind Eugene Oregon wedding photography as well as to make the best story of your special moment. Memories that will remember, I offer unparalleled customer service to help couples in every stage of planning, producing and designing wedding photos and albums. My style is apart from the rest, it is a combination of editorial, traditional and photojournalism.

Traditional pictures take account of all the pictures you look forward to in an official wedding album, which include posed pictures of the couple, family and attendants.

Editorial photography makes the illusion of naturalness through placing the partner in orderly situations, while I shoot the natural contact as well as the pleasure of the day.

Photojournalists are the most asked and latest styles of Eugene Oregon wedding photography. This is defined as a candid portrait and a documentation of graphic of an occasion without influencing or interfering the results of the pictures in any way.

I capture your very special day as it takes place. I work with my clients prior the event to happen to know the typical events the wedding will take account of and the exceptional ones which will be essential to you. I began with short lists, a survey the partner complete before the event. It lists lots of the pictures. I’ll take stunning photos of your wedding day and along with my staff, we can put in any additional pictures you might like. This provides me a superb outline of your preferences in pictures and the styled of Eugene Oregon photography you are longing for.

Why Choose Me For Your Very Special Day?

My enthusiasm is capturing a remarkable event in a natural and honest manner. While I love shooting of dramatic and details, portraits, I believe the most significant pictures I could make our pictures to capture the joy, love, candid as well as fun moments which take place on your wedding day.

If you are engaged and are searching for a very creative, yet typical, engagement as well as wedding photography in Eugene Oregon, visit my portfolio to see the sample of previous work and at the same time to acquire some inspiration.

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