Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

We have taken senior pictures for so many years now and we love doing. Our responsibility is to make senior like you at ease when shooting, in order that you could feel and look confident in your own style. Each and every one of you were made wonderfully and fearfully, and you are worthy of remarkable senior portraits to remember this important moment of your life.

In Oregon photography, we are specializing in high school senior portrait and pictures. All senior sessions take account of unique thing no other Oregon photographer provides, professional application of makeup, and professional styling of hair from renowned and certified makeup artist and hair stylist.

Some of our customers come to our studio for exceptional locations as well as natural looking senior sessions and pictures which are offered to their own features and personalities. I take pictures of seniors during daytime hours, Monday through Saturday, however you need to add a small amount if you want to undergo sessions during weekends. The best time to take your senior session is in the morning and it is advisable to call us ahead of your session.

Senior pictures are organized as early as spring of junior year and one month before the graduation. Keep in mind that when scheduling the sessions, you have to consider the most preferred time of the year; fall is advisable, your schedule as well as the guidelines of the yearbook.

There’s no restriction as to what kind of senior picture you could have. It doesn’t matter if it is typical studio shot for your yearbook, or perhaps outdoor portraits like on our portfolio. Call us now and know how straightforward the procedure is. You can contact us for more information about the rates. The most significant thing to keep in mind is that this is a personalize shoot, made to meet your wants and needs.

We offer various kinds of sessions to choose, it all depends on your budget and options, but we assure you that every session and pictures we make is of high quality. Our sessions take account of the following:

We have Deluxe Sessions: This is the most customized and exceptional senior session offer. This allows your more time and outcomes in essentially more relaxed and expressive final portraits.

We also have the Standard Session: For small sitting fee you will get more time with Oregon photographer that results in many proof choices and a more at ease expression which shows your traits. The most significant section of these is frequently the spark in the eyes of the seniors and in a ten minute of session it could be difficult to make that feeling. The additional time permitted for this session will signify more spirit and life in the final pictures.

Yearbook Session: With this session, senior will get head and shoulder pictures to select. These pictures will all be made on the setting chosen by the school. When you’re not happy with the pictures and will want a resit, booking for standard session is the best option.

Whether you like grass, flowers, fall leaves, brisk or chain link fence! Call Oregon photographer now to discuss the type of appearance you like for your pictures, and our skilled and professional Oregon photographers could discuss the most excellent month for the senior session.

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