Questions to Ask your Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer

September 7, 2015
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What is your photographer’s experience?

I would say if the photographer tells you that they have years of experience, doesn’t necessarily mean that their main occupation is wedding photography. Ask them if they focus on weddings or family or what is their main photography focus. Also, find out if they work as a wedding photography full time and how many weddings they have completed.

What Style of Photography Is Important To Know.

You always want to ask the photographer what style they provide. Make sure it’s compatible with what you and your soon-to-be-spouse are looking for in your photos.

What If The Photographer Is Sick?

This probably rarely happens, but good to know if it does. Make sure the wedding will still be photographed to your standards. Tell them it is extremely important that they send another photographer that will be updated with all the information that is needed to proceed.

Does The Photographer Have An Assistant?

For your Photographer to have an assistant would be a great sign. For instance, if your wedding is going to have more than 50 people, by all means, you will need 2 photographers. Too many special moments to cover with just one photographer…At Eugene Wedding Photographer we will make sure to have the proper staffing present for your big day.

What Attire Will The Chosen Photographer Be Wearing?

Last thing you want is distractions form your own wedding day. It’s very important that you let the photographers know to please blend in. Maybe wearing a simple black suit or black slack with a nice polo shirt. Whatever will fit in, let them know. You basically want your photographers to go unnoticed the entire day so that they can capture those beautiful shots!

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