Eugene Oregon Wedding Photography Styles

September 7, 2015
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This will help you figure out exactly what type of styles you want for your wedding day. It can be quite confusing to hear about the different styles of photography so I’ve listed the most common styles below, which are traditional, photo journalistic, and artistic. We do it all At Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer.


What a traditional wedding photographer is all about the ‘formal family’ type photography. Along with guest portraits as well. The traditional photographer basically takes photos of every guest, every family member and every shot possible. They prepare very well for these photographs.

Photo journalistic

This is, by far, the most popular at this time, the photo journalistic style. What this type of photography is about is the heartfelt moments, catching those expressions that are caught without any direction for posing. These wedding photographers focus on capturing beautiful and expressive very little direction, if none at all. This is all about emotions of the wedding pair, family and guests. Beautiful way to capture a wedding…


This type of photography style is very unique and creative, to say the least. The wedding photographer will add color, very unique angles, and different types of scenery among many other differences. Artistic photographs are very detailed and different than your usual photos.

These are the most common of Eugene Oregon Wedding photography styles, however, there are more styles. Find out what you like and are looking forward to for your wedding day…

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