Eugene Oregon Wedding Photography is a MUST

September 7, 2015
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Your wedding photography is a beautiful memory of your big day that you will keep forever and be able to pass on to your children and grandchildren. So, in order to have your wedding your way, it is important to think ahead about which shots you simply don’t want missed. Below is a list that maybe you can let your photographer know you will need photos of:

The Tables

There’s also a good chance that you won’t even get to see your beautiful set tables before the reception, so make sure that your photographer gets a few shots of the gorgeous tables.

The Dress

Your bridal gown is the most beautiful dress you’ll ever wear, and it is a piece of art in and of itself. Before you put it on, have your photographer get a few shots of the dress hanging on a door to be sure and see its beauty.

Getting Ready

Have photographer take plenty of pictures of the ceremony and reception, but often the emotional shots of the bride’s preparations are overlooked. Whether you’re getting dressed with just your mother or sister or with all of your bridesmaids, make sure the photographer gets these shots. These small details make for beautiful photographs.

The Groom

When she’s walking down the aisle, all eyes tend to be on the bride, including the groom’s. You’re not going to really see him up close until the end of your approach, but the emotion on his face is something you’ll want to capture and remember. Make sure your photographer gets a few shots of the groom as you’re walking towards him. These are beautiful shots!


The first dance and the two of you dancing with your parents are for-sure shots, but you’ll want plenty of evidence of your guests having a great time also. Be sure your photographer gets lots of shots of the entire cast so to speak, grandparents, coworkers, college friends, your aunt and uncle doing the dip, etc…This is the stuff you’re going to want to remember!

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