Engagement Sessions

Engagement Sessions

What is engagement session?

An engagement session is an exciting and comfortable portrait session that allows you and your special someone to get at ease in front of the camera, in order that when I capture moments at the time of your special day, both of you will not look like astonished deer looking at the headlights. It is a smart excuse to lair with me and allows me to be your angel to help you make unforgettable memories.

Should you do an e-session?

Absolutely yes!

Where is the best place to go?

It is really up to you to choose where you like your pictures taken. I along with expert Oregon photographers could go to over-romantic places: the locations where you met your fiancé, your first date, the proposal or location where you usually hang out. On the other hand, when you have any issue with wondering where the best place to go, you can call me. Important advice, major places you need to get rid of are the huge touristy attractions like the opera house and harbor bridge.

What should I wear and bring?

You can wear no matter what makes you feel at ease yet rocking- wear that reflects your personality or you and your fiancé favorite color. When you wear matching outfits like white T-shirt and jeans, well that looks amazing. However, if you have issues with selecting what clothes to wear, don’t hesitate to call me, or you can check my past e-sessions I’ve taken to get some inspiration.

With regards to what to bring, you can bring anything like flowers or things which can add a personal touch to the engagement session shooting. But, don’t forget to carry two gorgeous faces set to have the thrill and fun.

For me the key for the best and the most memorable engagement session is faith or trust. The backgrounds, clothes and location are all significant factors which will assist to build that confidence and trust in your partners in order they fall further in love with what you perform. How to build trust during the e - session? We have simple tips that we have learned previously which assist us to make the most of the shoots and make a rapport of trust with you.

Why choose as your exclusive photographer during your engagement session?

I am very passionate with my job. I work with a remarkable team of Oregon photographers and always have another photographer with me in order to ensure we shoot every significant moment of the very special day. If you love what you see and like to know more, please call me and I would love to hear you and answer any queries you may have in your mind.

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