January 22, 2016
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Wedding Photography

I love being a wedding photographer. It’s not just because I love taking pictures and capturing those splendid moments of couples proclaiming their love for each other-in fact, it’s not all fun and games to be in this profession.

But given that I chose to be in this line of work, I did not take the challenges as obstacles; rather, I treat them as stepping stones for me to be more in love with what I am doing, and these reasons keep me up and excited, no matter how difficult the project may be.

I have a long list of reasons why I love being a wedding photographer, but the ones listed below are my top favorites:

1. I just can’t resist the romance.

I’m a hopeless romantic. Seeing people get married is one of the most beautiful sights on this earth, and for me, it’s no less than a celebration of love and friendship between two souls.

2. I get to experiment with both grand and simple weddings.

No matter how simple the wedding can be, it’s just all good since the love and romance is there.

3. I get to collaborate with happy people.

Compared to other photography projects where various insights come together and clash, in wedding photo shoots it’s all about getting the right angle so I may capture the bliss of everyone around me.

4. The creative juices just keep on flowing.

Sure, there are times when my creative ideas do not match those of my clients, but since we started working together on the foundation of being happy, we get to meet halfway by the end of the day.

5. I got the skills for this job.

When I first started taking pictures, my subjects were already people. Yes, I also dabbled into travel and still life, but capturing moments of laughter, sadness, bliss and excitement were the ones I became passionate about. Over time I focused my photography skills on life photography, and soon after weddings became my most favourite subject.

6. It is my calling.

I am inspired everyday just taking pictures of people getting married. This feeling makes me content with my job, and I could not ask for anything more.

7. There’s always a new peg.

There are a lot of opportunities to be creative in weddings, and motifs can range from dainty to creepy to formal to chill. I get to explore on those ideas, and this is where the work gets more exciting.

8. Nothing beats a personalized theme.

Each client has a unique vision of how they want their wedding to be captured on photos, and I work with them to achieve that. These new pegs also require me to come up with strategies to execute them in the best way possible, so I research, check out trends, work with other artists and photographers, and most of all, gather as much data as I can from the bride and groom themselves.

9. The travel perks are awesome.

As a wedding photographer I deal with clients based in different locations, and would like to hold their shoots in the most exciting places possible. So yes, I get to pack my bags every now and then to do a shoot with the couple. Sometimes I find myself in a beach, sometimes in a ranch, and once in a casino!

10. I meet new people.

I’m a people person, and aside from working with my clients, I also get to meet inspiring people along the way. I get to learn from their stories and insights, and I use these when working on a new project too.

11. I am my own boss.

Since I do not work for a company, I get to set my own rules for Oregon wedding photographer. I also work based on my own schedule and not be tied up with a routine. But as they say, along great power comes great responsibility!

11. I work for a purpose.

Above anything else, I find fulfilment in this job because it gives me a sense of purpose. As a wedding photographer, I capture the greatest moments in the bride and groom, and I believe that that’s what I was born to do, and I have to live it to the fullest.

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